Über mich

About me

My journey on this precious planet started with a strong classical music education and medical awareness by sides of my mother. She opened us up, so we would shine bright and strong upon this world. She supported our gifts and talents, giving space to creative, intuitive Creation. I learned the flute, the piano, later the guitar and percussion, I danced classic and modern and I felt intensely attracted to natural medicine.


In 2000 I came to Spain, I travelled all over, came to Formentera and basically fell in love with this piece of earth. My first strong awakening happened in 2003 on Ibiza/Formentera. I stayed 5 years painting amazing ceramics for a Japanese and a Catalán artist couple , basically living in the woods. The embrace of Mother Nature is worth letting go any bit of material attachment. 

In 2008 I came to Berlin and somehow I started an intense and full time, all including formation in Natural Medicine. At this time I surrendered completely to „A Course in Miracles “  my second big Wake Up call with intense deep diving into both teachings. In 2011 I was successfully examined by the German Medical Association, I opened my business in Berlin and on Formentera and nurtured my soul’s path with kundalini meditation, yoga, affirmations and all kind of wake up tools. I intensified my access to our beloved ascended masters, angelic and galactic beings and the power of light colour frequencies. 

In 2016 I got myself my for years desired Handpan and later on my Rav Drum Vast from Siberia. Where could I share my music? In public. So I started to play for people in towns, parks, nature resorts, everywhere and to everybody. We have had amazing healing sessions all over along the way. It brings me profound pleasure being at service for the healing of humanity and planet earth with my channeled melodies. 

Playing for Global Healing was born.  A deep push and urgency to raise frequencies, unite as One with all existence here and now. To clean up our oceans, to bring back the Forests and species, to give Back the divine rights to the animal kingdom, to let divine life BE in such divine Light as it was meant to be, to let all plants grow and shine in beauty before our blessed eyes. To move forward into Unity Consciousness, New Earth, to move Upwards the Dimensions.

In 2017 I produced my first album Playing for Global Healing. It is a 1 hour journey to nurture Inner Power and Peace. Two songs are right now on a free download album of the Handpan Healing Alliance, international, and on Ibiza Sunset Sessions Vol. 6, produced by MusicforDreams.

I always feel great importance to learn about organic farming and self-sufficient living in complete harmony with Mother Nature. We need to know and learn how to live in balance, in the Flow of giving and receiving with this incredible beautiful planet.

Enlight Festival of a Course in Miracles , Ibiza 2014

Enlight Festival of a Course in Miracles , Ibiza 2014