Musical background


Eva Hassine and Ermanno Panta, Hippymarket La Mola, Formentera 2017

As a child I played Mozart’s compositions on the wooden flute. With 12 years I got my first acustic guitar and with 14 I started on the piano.

By times I got very fascinated, but there was still something blocking me. Later the years on the Island the rhythm of these warm mediterranean nights got me playing the Djembee and more the Cajón. 



One time in Berlin I listened to a woman playing a Handpan, she let me try, and I would not stop flowing and moving in this pool of sounds, she was offering me at that moment.  That was my Instrument! I finally had the feeling of being able to express me right. Back than it was difficult to get one, waiting lists for years. 

But I knew I would go for it one day!