Global healing

26907349_10211210425359494_3666461226704765698_nWhen it comes down to Love..

what would you do on this planet. Seriously , with joy…What would we do?

Bathe in these amazing oceans ? Walk through forests, listen, wonder, embracing and dancing in the beauty of this multi existence? Breathe air, I mean fresh air ? Smell a flower, observe her, wish her well? Laugh together with animals and let Mother Earth flood us with Love and Joy?

I don’t know exactly what happened with human mind, but what my heart tells me is that we shall be greatful. In everything. Earth is shifting, and if we still want to walk on her ground then we need to change. More or less now. Plastic garbage in our oceans is a killer to all precious beings living there. We support this by buying or producing plastic. So we have solutions, there are amazing earthly materials we can use and which don’t do any harm to the ecosystem Earth. We need to support and use them and stand for natural materials. Be an example. We are the Light.

Animal industry is a huge crime in any aspect . The energy of lifelong torturing, mistreating an brutally killing is immense dark and cruel. No matter what. And not even only that, it is the main destructor of the biodynamic of this planet. Animal industry destroys the natural system of Earth. This cannot be the True Light of UnityConsiousness. We are blocking our own Light. Change means, that we need to re-educate ourselves. Let’s do it for our Health, our Bliss, our Path on Earth. Let’s open up our hearts. Our multi- dimensional all embracing and loving nature of Soul. Let’s feel the connection. With Love.

There is nothing better than Organic Food! No chemicals, no pesticides, no suffering of any beings. It is so easy to maintain health with Organic Food. Nature is the gift of heaven to us, it is the medicine to all evil. There are plants, minerals, organic constructions for ANY disease misunderstood and created by human mind. What you think is what you attract. The first principle of our universal laws. Deseases are made by fear and separation of Source itsself. You, yourself, create your health. Nature is a product of the Great Creation in Love, Unity and Light. Nature is Love from our heavens. Love heals fear and separation of Source itself. Nature has the medicine for whatever your physical body here on Earth needs. Treat yourself with Organic Food and all beauty of medical plants, oils, infusions, smells, whatever offers the kingdom of earthplants and minerals. And protect the essence sense of Mother Earth. With Love and Light. Meditate, wake up your Lightbody, Light protects, heals and cleans. Open your heart. There is more sense behind everything. Light is Power, Wisdom and Joy. Love plants. They love you. They are a loveletter to us from Love itself. They are in service, they are beings, they vibrate Life and Love, they are intelligent, they hold Light from the Universe, they can construct your medicine for You. Nature is Intelligent. Nature is Love. And Love is Life.

So my personal respond to this happening is the re-education of my mind and remembering my true existence. I do this in connecting with Nature and through Meditation with Source Itself. It makes me more conscious about my day by day actions and some things become imposible. I check myself in water use, food shopping, cooking, drinking, on cleaning products, recycling, energy resources, work space, living space, animal care, gardening and giving Love back to plants, soil, oceans and mountains. I change where I need to change. I invest into Unity Consciousness. Sometimes the change is not so comfortable, but I am not here to stay in the old, past way of living. It’s changing time. We are here to shine bright. So I choose Love. And it works! I know we can change, we are blessed.